Spring Century Charity Ride
“If you can’t feed 100 people then feed just one” Mother Teresa
When: April 17, 2010 7am to 6pm
Fundraising goal $20,000
Bike Helmets Required – no exceptions


$75 – Giving Rider ($25 Donation)
$25 – Fundraising Rider (Min. $100 raised)
Online Registration: active.com Closes April 15th (tax day)

Registration Day Of (100 person limit): $100 ($40 donation)


Event Lodging
Campsites available at Blackhawk Lake
Hotel Info: Explore WI
Fundraising Online: Make your own fundraising site (do not have to ride in event) active.com

Offline Donations: PDF Donation Form

Food and Monetary Donations are accepted the morning of the ride.

Food Provided to Riders:

Before: Doughnuts, Water, Heed, Fruit, Hot Chocolate, Coffee
During: Doughnuts, Cookies, Fruit, Bagels, PB, Jelly, Hot Chocolate, Water, Heed
After: Burgers (Veggie too), Brauts, Chips, Desserts, Fruit, Soda, Hot Chocolate, Water, Heed
Family Route One – 4 miles in the park
Start window 7:00 to 5pm (safer after 9am after bulk of riders have left on the longer routes.)
Stay completely in the park, the route rides along the beautiful lake of Blackhawk. The course does have some hills that may challenge parents but not kids! Get off the bike and walk if you have to just enjoy the time with your family. You can pickup a map the day of the event.

Family Route Two – 12 mile

Start window = 7:00am to 11:00am
Take a short trip out of the park with the family. Don’t worry these are quiet roads and safe for the kids. There is one rather steep climb on the route but there is a nice valley before you start and a great view once you reach the top. Also it gives you and your family a great chance to bond on a challenge you complete together.

12 Mile Route

Route Three – 44 mile

Start window = 8:00am to 11:00am
Ride the 12 mile route while your waiting or sleep in.
You must wait or you may get to rest stops before they are set-up
The shortest route supported by water and food stops. It will carry you south for 16 miles along relatively flat terrain lending to long distant views of the Platteville mounds, Montfort wind farms and the Iowa County airport outside of mineral point at the same time. After the food rest stop in Livingston, you will start working your way northwards through the hills and valleys that make this area a joy to bike through. Don’t worry none of these hills are so steep that you will be crying when you reach the top but you will remember them.

Route Four – 100k

Start window = 7:00am to 11:00am
The metric century route is a great test, especially this early in the season. This route is the base route that all others either shortcut or veer off of. This route allows riders to see a meet people riding the longer or shorter routes possibly multiple times in a day. It is heavily supported with food and water stops every 10 to13 miles. It will take about 23 miles to get to Livingston. It follows relatively the same course as the 44-mile route to this point with a couple of early climbs (not to big though you are still getting warmed up).
100K Route

Route Five – 133k

Start window = 7:00am to 9:30am
Now you are a serious rider, or you are looking at the wrong map. You know this is in April right? Just kidding. This is a great route. Views as mentioned in route three but once you pass the first food stop you are now in the land of long distance. You will continue to Stitzer through a long valley but once you leave; the hills start and don’t truly stop until you coast downhill into the park.
133K Route

Route Six – 100 mile

Start window = 7:00am to 8:30am
No this is sick; are you crazy? You cannot be in this good of shape already, can you? This route follows the 133K to within just a couple of miles of the finish before veering off into the hills and following a route we use for the Blackhawk Lake Triathlon in September. Imagine almost 1,000’ of the 3,200’ of the climb on the route is in this last 20 miles. Have fun. With all the support along the way you should be able to handle it, if not we will pick you up; no worries.
100 Mile Route