Spin Bike Your Way to a Better Body

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It does not matter in which profession you are in and which field you are working because when it comes to the fitness, everyone should be working on it. Those who are in the Entertainment field are always working out so that they can outshine others, but the story is opposite for those who are not part of the limelight. According to fitensity roundup – Keiser is one of the most used brand when it comes to best indoor spin bikes.

Those who like to work behind are always reckless because they are not interested into the fitness. Those who are conscious about the looks and their shape they are in always try to stay fit. If you are someone who is planning to stay healthy for the sake of their future, then you should workout on the Spin Bike.

Spin Bike Your Way to a Better Body?

Spin Bike is known for the best cardiovascular training equipment. If you are new to it, then you wouldn’t know it unless you try it for a month because the results will be impressive and it will inspire you to do more.


It does not matter if you are new or older but having a friend by your side will inspire you to do more. You will never get bored when you have someone to walk by the GYM, exercise together will always cheer you up because people lose interest after a period. When you have a friend while using it, you will be cheered up, and it becomes fun at the end of the day.

Torch Up 2500 Calories

Those who are working out to lose few pounds then you should know that the spin bike can burn up to 500 calories in an hour, which means you are on the right track. If you are maintaining a diet, then you will know that you are going to lose weight soon.

Play Safe

When you have an aim in your mind, then you will not stop until you reach, but you should also ensure that you are clear to use the machine. Many users are bedridden for weeks because they are not allowed to use the equipment. Consult a doctor for permission, who knows it can save you big time.

 Tweak Cardio Workout

One of the significant aspects of the exercise is that how long will you be able to peddle and also burn the calories. The longer you last, the faster you burn the calories. Weight can be a little bothersome, but once you tweak the technique, then you can push the exercise a little smoother. If you max out your energy at the start, then it will only become a weak point later.

Warm Up

If you are expecting impressive results, then you should start by warming up because it will help you avoid pains in your legs and joints. 15 minutes warm up will get you ready for the workout.


Now you are on your way to get slim & fit body within a month or so. If you make an effort, then results are guaranteed. If you have any ideas or opinions to share then enlighten the comment box.

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5 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Spin Bikes

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Cycling is the best exercise in the fitness world. Nowadays nobody wants to go out for cycling in heavy rains, intense cold, snowfall and scorching sun. So the best way for the cycling is an indoor exercise in the form of stationary cycling. A spin bike is heavy and made up of metal. It has a massive flywheel for spinning purpose. Seat, seat post, and the handle bar are already installed on the bike and they are self-adjusting in all directions.


Steps to use spin bike

The shape of the bike is designed as a common road bike. Then your posture on the bike will decide how to use it. Most exercise bikes are upright, having wider seats and more comfortable. The different body postures will tone different groups of muscles.

  • Focus on pulling up

In spin bikes, the upstroke provides all power, so focus on pulling up then pulling down. The pulling up with each pedal stroke will increase momentum, and will also increase RPMs simultaneously. In shoes, the clip is provided to help the users to concentrate on pedaling rather than fixing their foot. While using the bike, you have to use your abs as much as possible because this will help you to support your lower back. And try keeping your back straight when on the ride. This blog writes everything about spin bike which might be an interesting read for you if you are interested to know detailed information about spinning bikes.

  • Know the lingo

The spin bike lacks gear system and it is supplemented with resistance knob which indicates how hard muscle movement is required to increase RPM or to increase your speed. The resistance knob will help you to keep appropriate speed and the instruction on flywheel provides technology about the level of resistance to be followed.

  • Clip in and out

Clipping in and out is the most difficult part in riding a spin bike. In this bike, the ball of the foot should be held in the cage, directly in the middle of the pedal. Toes should be bent at a downward position on top of the pedal and then push your foot down till the time that you feel the shoes are properly fitted after you placed on the bike.

Benefits of using spin bikes

More experienced and even advanced cyclists keep coming back for the same reasons.

  • Weight loss – The pedal skin bike is the appropriate option if you are trying to lose weight because it can help you to burn a thousand calories within less than one hour.
  • Builds strength – This is the method to tone your entire body in a single package. You can tone, core, arms, legs, butts and back simultaneously. You have to work on varying speed and resistance to build your body efficiently.
  • Cardio endurance – This exercise is essential to maintain the heart health because it makes efficient heart pumping capacity and makes it stronger and healthier. It will increase your body metabolic activities and shape the body to its perfection.
  • Low impact – The best point of this exercise is no pressure on joints. It is applicable to all age group of people for proper fitness. It gives an opportunity to every muscle to get stretched and strengthened.
  • Speed – You have to maintain a normal and steady speed after practicing daily. In the first week you will feel tough but with the passage of weeks, you will acquire perfection and will be able to reach your goal.


Spinning is pretty amazing and it is a great training for running as well as for many other reasons. It will strengthen your lung pumping capacity and it reduces the body fats as well as body mass index within a short period of time by using this spin bikes. So it recommended purchasing this bike as soon as possible.

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Highway 138 – Crestline, California

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There are many, many different landscapes in California. From rolling desert hills covered in dead brush to magnificently wooded, purple mountains to 1000′ sea cliffs, the panoramic views of the Golden State are abound, and photography does not do the scenery justice. On this ride, we did over 9000′ of climbing over 70 miles.

We took off promptly from Riverside at 8 AM. Bikes primed, legs rested, but still feeling the IPAs from the night before, we knew we were in for a world of hurt later in the day. We took the pace casually, slogging through surface streets and headwinds to get to the base of the climb. There is no connection of regular surface roads to Highway 138, so we took it upon ourselves to appropriate the local 15 freeway. Riding on the freeway was a bit of a new experience. I was not aware that it was open to cyclists. We encountered no trouble, other than a Latino family in a sedan on the side of the road, who smiled and waved us on when we asked if they needed help.


We finally exited the freeway after being passed by hundreds of speeding cars, and took a quick food break at the offramp as station. Along the whole ride, we took plenty of rest stops, as the overall mileage of the route was significant. Adding to this, the entire route was simply littered with out-of-nowhere steep climbs that just crushed us, most notably through the windy, almost European (if there were any Californian deserts in Europe) steep climbs of highway 138. Riding down it, I concluded, would have been much easier, seeing as grades exceeded 20% in certain areas. The highway wove through a series of sharp, deep ravines that would have spelled disaster for anyone to go off the edge. As we attacked the climbs we had to be particularly careful of the countless blind corners and surprisingly large quantity of vehicular traffic going around them. In certain places, it would have taken one car taking a corner wide and I would have most definitely been super out of luck.


As we neared the top of the winding section we entered a valley with a straight road that leads directly to Silverwood Lake. On the way we found a completely random sushi restaurant, that Donnie noted “actually was pretty good”. We stopped there for a moment to gaze at the scenery and take a picture in front of the sign, which was pretty funny looking.

Some fast drafting down the straight road brought us to another climb, which had a beautiful surprise waiting for us at the top. We dismounted our bikes and sat and drank the beautiful view all in – it was almost scary how silent the ambient noise was at the vantage point, as there was nobody else there. We had the view all to ourselves. We paused there for a while, feeling the 50 miles in our legs already, knowing that the worst of the climbs was yet to come, the climb back up from the Silverwood Lake valley up into Crestline.


As we left the serene vantage point we began a long series of climbs that transitioned from the desert landscape to the forested peaks of the San Bernardino National Forest. The appearance of the tree line was sharp, and being on the north side of the mountain, which received less and less light in these Autumn months, was cold and we donned our warmers. Temperatures continued to drop as we gained in elevation. The trees closed in more densely as we fought up the steep sections of the road into Crestline. All of us were broken by the climb, and some of us were actually forced to walk parts of the road due to its sheer steepness and the amount of miles we had already ridden. At the top of the climb we finally stumbled into a pizza shop and ate to our hearts’ content. The pizza was not even the best pizza I’d ever ordered at a restaurant, but the hunger that had stricken us after so many miles made it some of the best pizza we’d ever eaten in our lives. Funny how cycling can make you appreciate the simple pleasures after you slog through so much shit and pain.

It was a steep, fast 10 mile descent back down to the valley floor in San Bernardino. With our bellies full of pizza we simply got into aero tucks and coasted down the meandering mountain road. We had all become closer on this ride, having all suffered together. I look forward to exploring more of the beautiful scenery California has to offer with my teammates.

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