Welcome to Panther Cycling Club

“It’s not the Destination, it’s the Ride”

The Panther Cycling Club (PCC) is a 501C7 non-profit organization that advocates increased bicycle use through access, safety, education and open public events. Our members come from all walks of life; they are commuters and recreational cyclists, racers and athletes, all caring about their neighbors and the people that live in their communities. We promote the use of bicycles and the cycling life style that comes with it to everyone we meet because we feel that life on top of a bike is better then a life that is not.

Club Activities:

  • Youth and Family Rides
  • Feed the Need Century Ride
  • Meetings through out the year
  • Safety Seminars
  • Cycling Speakers
  • Wisport Series Race – Panther Dash Stage Race
  • “Rip and Tear” Cycling Team
  • “Revolutions” Touring Team

Our Mission:

  • Encouraging those that do not ride to become involved in non-competitive/competitive cycling activates that promote fellowship and fitness among members and their friends not just for the length of their involvement with this club but for the rest of their life.

Annual Memberships:

  • $5 Student (under 14)
  • $15 Student (age 14-18)
  • $15 Senior (age 70+)
  • $25 Adult
  • $60 Family (under same roof)
  • $50/$100/$100 Club Advocate (Ind / Family / Bus.)
  • $75/$250/$500 Sustainer (Ind / Family / Bus.)
  • $100/$500/$750 Legacy (Ind / Family / Bus.)
  • $1000 Club Partner (individual or family